About Us

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UTAH CHANNEL 3 is a Utah NONPROFIT media consortium registered as a 501(c)(3) with the federal government. We provide programming and content to smaller local stations. Such stations are typically public access community television stations that broadcast on a local cable TV channel in Utah Cities to provide education on new technology & science, announcements of activities and events. Interviews with community leadership are broadcast on a regular Spring In Brian Headbasis. Utah Channel 3 does not accept paid advertising nor donations for reviews or editorials.

Special events include coverage of the more than 150 activity groups and coverage of national and international conventions that are of interest both to the local community as well as to the millions of visitors that visit and recreate in Utah each year.

Channel 3 is staffed by professionals as well as volunteers who have retired from the industry.

Channel 3 has recently initiated an intern program with qualified full time college students.

On-Air & Off-Air Staff

  • Richard Berk – Executive Producer, Medical Specialist
  • Scott A. Kraft – Technology Producer
  • Aaron Drabeck – Editor in Chief
  • Shawn Johnson – Sr. Technology Reporter / Editor
  • Kasey Hinton – Technology Reporter
  • Chanc Jensen – Engineer I
  • David Halterman – Sr. Photographer/Videographer
  • Sarah Barlow – Field Reporter II
  • Millinda Johnson – Field Reporter Intern (2nd Year) (Skiing Specialist)
  • April Fisher – Executive Assistant, Automotive Technology Specialist
  • Kayleigh Jensen – General Assignment Editor
  • Sharon Sternberg – General Assignment Editor II
  • Ronald Kraft – Reporter II / Technology Reporter/Editor
  • Pamela Jones – International Reporter Technology / Travel
  • Debra Hallsworth – Intern Reporter Coordinator
  • Millie Carey – Women in the news, host
  • Susan Smiley – Intern Reporter
  • James Thorne – Reporter II / Editor
  • Douglas Allen – Photographer
  • Victoria Ingeman – Executive Assistant, Field Crew (Grip / Reporter)
  • Wayne Planck – Reporter (Motor Sports)
  • Fred G. Baker – Editor at Large
  • Aimee Janae – Field Reporter Intern (1st Year)
  • Carol Casey – Logistics, News Reporter, Editor
  • Alyssa Amber – Las Vegas Convention Coverage Coordinator, Reporter I
  • Barbie Frederick – Intern Reporter/Video
  • Wade Wilcox – Technical Consultant Construction – Reporter I
  • Mark Wilcox – Technical Consultant Construction – Reporter I
  • Latiff Ibrahim – Global Technical Consultant Construction – Reporter II / Editor
Sharon Sternberg – General Assignment Editor
Troy Bailey – News Reporter
Jaclyn Kraft – Intern