6 Point Harnesses for Street Racing (AAPEX)

We will be reviewing 5 and 6 point harnesses at the SEMA/AAPEX November 2023 Trade Show. Using a 6-point harness for street racing can be a matter of personal preference, but it’s important to consider safety regulations and guidelines in your area. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Safety Regulations: Different regions and countries have regulations and laws that govern the use of safety restraints in vehicles. It’s essential to ensure that using a 6-point harness for street racing complies with local regulations.
  2. Proper Installation: If you choose to install a 6-point harness, it should be done correctly to ensure it functions as intended. Proper installation may require professional assistance to ensure it is secure and safe.
  3. Racing Seats: 6-point harnesses are typically used with racing seats designed to accommodate such harnesses. Ensure that you have appropriate racing seats that can work with the harness.
  4. Helmet and Safety Gear: When using a harness for street racing, it’s crucial to wear a helmet and other safety gear that may be required. The harness is just one component of your overall safety system.
  5. Comfort and Usability: 6-point harnesses can be more restrictive and less comfortable for daily driving compared to standard seat belts. Consider whether you’re willing to sacrifice some comfort for additional safety in a street racing scenario.
  6. Education and Training: Even with a 6-point harness, it’s crucial to have proper training in high-performance driving and racing. Without the knowledge and experience, you may not be able to harness the full potential of the safety equipment.
  7. Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain your harness to ensure it remains in good condition and performs as intended. Damaged or worn harnesses may not provide adequate protection.
  8. Legal Considerations: Be aware that using a 6-point harness on the street may attract attention from law enforcement. Even if it’s legal in your area, it may still raise concerns with authorities and other road users.

Ultimately, if you are considering using a 6-point harness for street racing, it’s essential to prioritize safety, adhere to local laws, and consult with experts or professionals who have experience with racing safety equipment to ensure proper installation and usage. Always be responsible and considerate of your safety and the safety of others when participating in any form of racing or high-performance driving on public roads.

Racing harnesses aren’t typically DOT approved because they haven’t been tested to meet DOT requirements and they do not have a DOT approved latch. However, you can get 4/6 point harnesses from Schroth that are DOT approved.

By, April Fischer, Technology Specialist & Scott Kraft, Technology Producer – TechTalk,

April Fisher is a field reporter with expertise in the automotive industry. April also coverers technology used in construction when she is not out and about racing her 1997 RED Corvette and covering the automotive industry.

Scott Kraft is the Technology Producer for Utah Channel 3. He is a degreed Electrical Engineer that applies engineering testing/procedures to products that are of technical interest to those participating in sporting activities in Southern Utah.