National Hardware Show – Made in USA Products

Your Utah Channel 3 crew had a fantastic time attending this years National Hardware Show in January/February this year. There was an unusually amount of new innovation for an industry that tends to be streamlined to tried and proven products. As we review products on TechTalk we thought it would be interesting for our viewers to know the following facts provided by NHS marketing.

According to a survey of 500 Americans, nearly 70% of respondents prefer American-made products and 83% said they’d be willing to pay up to 20% more for products made domestically. This seems to be the trend nowadays. With the difficulty getting product and parts from overseas, more and more companies are turning to domestically made products. This combined with the political climate has turned “Made in America” the overwhelming choice for many.

By sorting on “United States” one can see that there were 239 exhibitors at the NHS this year that manufactured domestically. See 2023 Exhibitor List – United States

Utah Channel 3 plans on doing a special segment for the 2024 National Hardware Show March 26 through March 28, 2024, that highlights innovative domestically produced products.

by, Scott Kraft, Technology Producer & April Fischer Automotive Technology Specialist