Bar & Restaurant Expo 2023

For those of you trying to search our past coverage, please remember that the Nightclub & Bar Show changed their name to Bar & Restaurant Expo in 2022.

Your Utah Channel 3 “Techies” (Scott, Richard, Sarah & April) will be attending the 2023 Bar & Restaurant Expo March 27-29, 2023 where hospitality is re-defined, re-shaped and re-visited. Attendance this year will be in excess of 10,000, movers and shakers who will share their personal experiences and learn the latest trends. Attendees will attend conferences to learn how to face challenges, and mold their business for future success.

As we have discussed over the year on TechTalk, the hospitality world has gone through significant change since COVID. While some did not survive, most had to make major changes to their traditional way of business. With runaway inflation, new rules and competition from non-traditional competitors such as meal delivery, the industry is changing. Technology has become increasingly important to “turn a profit” and attract the new Social Media generation.

Consumers have found virtually unlimited choices with on-line shopping. Many brick and mortar restaurants are using technology to re-invent and expand their menus without increasing the products that must be held in the back of house. Whether perception by the consumer or actual re-invention, such menu changes have become necessary to compete and survive.

High tech Products such as the Merrychef Oven have moved from traditional restaurants into smaller pub style restaurants as it can significantly decrease both labor and food costs.

This year your Utah Channel 3 crew will be on the lookout for high tech innovative products. We will still be looking for products that increase safety such as Breathalyzers and continue our review of the BACtrack devices. Where Utah requires measured pours, we will report on any new technology in this field.

We have covered POS systems such as HungerRush at the annual International Pizza Expo and will do so again this year. However, there are some unique and streamlined POS equipment unique to the Bar industry that we hope to seek out and review.

Finally we will be on the lookout for patron entrainment devices. Both self contained and those that use the customers cell phone as an input/display will be reviewed. These products can increase both customer satisfaction as well as the bottom line.

by, Scott Kraft, Tech Producer (TechTalk Host), Sarah Barlow, Field Reporter II, April Fischer, Technology Specialist, Richard Berk, Medical Specialist.