Omnipod 5 / DexcomG6 Combination

This is an update on my DexcomG6 review on 23 February 2022. Omnipod 5 has released a tubeless automatic insulin pump that works with the DexcomG6 wearable sensor.

This cleared for people with type 1 diabetes aged 2 years and older

Goes a long way to keep you in range day and night

Monitor your glucose levels and insulin dosing (automatic) with manual, automatic control from your smartphone (IOS not available at this time).

Go in the water as the Omnipod 5 is waterproof and tubeless.

Each Pod will last up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery. This is done in constant micro-doses. No need for a bolus before you eat. The Omnipod 5 takes your input of estimated carbs and monitors the DexcomG6 real-time glucose reading and takes over from there.

Maintaining levels of 100 to 120 is now possible with little effort.

by, Aimee Janae, Field Reporter (Intern 1st year)

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