Bar & Restaurant Expo 2022

As the hospitality world undergoes significant change, much of it trigged by COVID and now runaway inflation, the Bar and Restaurant Expo starting March 21, 2023 in Las Vegas is ready to tackle these challenges. Formally the Nightclub & Bar Show, they have rebranded as the Bar and Restaurant Expo which the best we can tell will have similar events, exhibitors and technology.

As we emerge from COVID we see a HUGE growth period in this industry and your team at Utah Channel 3 plan will look for emerging technology as always. Our focus this year will again be on responsible drinking and technology that will both promote compliance but also assist in the industry growth that is expected.

With that in mind we will be doing a wider review of breathalyzers, as well as ID verification. We are expanding our coverage of Point of Sale systems with a focus toward on-line ordering. Our on-line ordering segment will expand the 2021 coverage to include “smart” technology that markets to the customer as well as allowing the customer quick re-order options while not missing advertised specials.

Finally the new Keto (both true and friendly) segment by Sarah Barlow and April Fischer will be expanded to cover options that are simple to include in a “limited kitchen” bar with a focus on drawing the KETO crowed into the mix. While pure alcohol is 100% keto friendly, there are many mixes that add very little carbs allowing for a 8 to 12 oz drink to stay under 1 net carb. We will also present options for those counting calories and not just carbs.

Please join Scott and Richard and the rest of the TechTalk team as they walk the show floor and report on new technology and technology improvements.

by, Scott Kraft, Tech Producer (TechTalk Host)