Silicone Gap Covers

My weekly coverage of short term rentals often has me over excited over some of the simplest products. Today review is the silicone gap cover. It is a long slip piece of silicon with a curve and side extension to help eliminate crumbs and junk from going between your cabinet and stove. It is that simple. Installation is just seconds but the time it will save you is hours. You would be surprised how many people have never seen or heard of them. I often have guests ask me where I got them.

The silicone gap cover is available in two sizes, 21 inch and 25 inches long and in black, clear, gray or white colors. It is designed to seamlessly fit hidden on the side of your stove/oven combo to create a seal with the adjoining counter thus “plugging” the crack that always collects dirt, grease etc.

Once you have deployed a silicon gap cover you will swear by them. In the business of short term rentals where guests are not always as careful as the homeowner but have high expectations of cleanliness, the silicone gap cover is a critical component not a luxury. Even in my own house I can’t live without them.

Priced at between $8 and $12 per pair the indispensable silicon gap cover is available online and at many home stores.

by, Sarah Barlow, Field Reporter II