2021 Kastle DX85 W Demo Ski w/ K10 GW Demo Bindings … first try with a single rocker ski.

I am 5′ 2″ tall and weight 100 lbs. I have been racing on Blizzard 149cm skies for years. However, the competitive racing is over and I decided I would change out my skis on powder days for something “all mountain” and fun. After much research I decided on the Kastle DX85 W which my friends at Power7.com were more than happy to sell me with the Kastle K10 GW bindings. The DX85 is not your average ski. While I wanted a dual rocker, the fact is I don’t need it. At 143cm there is just no need for it … also they don’t make it under 158cm.

My first run down Brian Head Chair 3 (opening day) was interesting. I could not turn like I could on the race skis. I had to learn to carve by putting my weight into the turn so the DX85 would flex and allow the rocker to dig in. Once I got this trick mastered I was in for some fun. The rocker allows me to have a 143cm ski that performs like a 130cm or so ski until I need the length to carve and then I get all the 143cm edging my turn. Thus the I get the best of both worlds and all I can say is it is fun fun fun in power, straights and mogles.

The article photo are of my actual DX85 skies just before my first run of the day. They are aesthetically well designed. I did try some different waxes on my first day and will report on this later in December when we have some deeper powder and changing temperatures during the day.

Check out my video below!

by, Millinda Johnson, Field Reporter (Intern 2nd year)

Millinda on Race Skis (Photo Credit: Mike Saemisch)
Test run on race skis (Millinda Johnson, BH Ski Team) (Photo Credit: Mike Saemisch)
Millnda testing skis
Millinda Brian Head Ski Team – Demonstration of race ski vs. all mountain ski