Slitinto USB 8 Port, 60W 12 A Charger Review .. A solution to waking up with device uncharged!

I am so tired of plugging in a device only to find out in the morning it did not charge.  This even if I get a charge indicator on the device or charge indicator light on the charger.  The solution is simple:  I needed to see the charging current as then I would know if the device is taking in the power.  I know this is a typical engineer’s reaction … the engineer in me keeps coming out.

To the rescue is the Slitinto USB 8-Port USB charging station with LCD display (MSRP: $31.00).  This is a slick small form factor device that has 7 USB outputs and 1 USB-C output. Plug it into 110 VAC and away you go.

The Slitinto charger is compact, and well made. The display is bright and gives a “heads-up” quick look both numerically and graphically. There are no displays to cycle through. What you see is what you get each time you glance at it. After over 3 months traveling with this gem I have had zero failures. I always do a quick check of each port as shown in the following photo.

In the above case Port 6 is charging at 2.4 A, and I am using the maximum output power of 60.0W over all my devices. The Slitino will titrate power as needed and uses an efficient charging algorithm that is about 30% faster at charging than OEM device chargers, yet still totally safe.

By, Scott Kraft – Tech Producer (TechTalk Host) & Aimee Jonson Reporter I