HotHands Warmers – Review

After using the Grabber brand hand warmers all last year I thought I give the HotHands a try as all three of the local ski shops in Brian Head are now carrying them.

First of all, when I looked at the package and it said “do not shake” is was confused. I always open and shake my hand warmers to get them going. I think the packaging is talking about the entire box not the individual hand warmers.

The warmth from these lasted almost 8 hours which was a few hours more than the Grabber gave me. Note: look at the expiration date above the UPC symbol to make sure you are getting new stock. According to HotHands the new date codes should be a minimum of two years out. Mine were 16 months out of date but worked great. (This shows why you may want to buy locally and not online).

Expiration Date should be 2 years out

Just like the Grabbers, don’t try to use the hand version in your boots. They don’t fit and will totally mess up your arch and canting.

A few tricks. Open them up BEFORE you start to put your boots on. Shake gently and then put them in your jacket pocket. They are air activated however, there is plenty of fresh air in your pocket. Once ready, take them out one at a time and lay them in your bare palm as you put your glove on. Do this again for the 2nd heater. If you have gloves with a heater pocket you can try them. but they don’t get as warm as direct skin contact. Some that feel the heat is too great can simply but one layer paper towel between skin and warmer and it will lesson the hot spots.

During breaks when I remove my gloves I stuff the warmers back in, clip my gloves together and put them in my jacket. This way I don’t loose the warmers or gloves and they are warm and ready for me.

Per my promise to my readers, I will always try to post at least one photo with my articles. Below is a photo of myself and friends practicing side steps (not just posing).

by, Millinda Johnson, Field Reporter (Intern 2nd year)

From Left to Right: April, Millinda & Aimee