Redragon DITI K585 One-Handed Gaming Keyboard Review

While attending the Annual World of Concrete in June 2021, I had the chance to demo the Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed Keyboard at the Skylink booth.  While Skylink was just using their gaming system to get action in their booth, I was fascinated with the workings of this One-Handed Keyboard. I have been meaning to write a quick review, so here we go (a few months later, LOL).

I remember back at COMDEX in the early 2000’s (before it suddenly went away) I had a chance to demo a One-Handed Keyboard designed for regular typing and data input.  It was an interesting novelty but required retraining my fingers and was such a departure from a normal keyboard that it was not appealing.

However, gamers are different as the goal and objectives are entirely focused on speed and efficiency with very little data input.  I was fortunate to run in to a colleague, Dana, covering the show that I had known for years.  She is a rated gamer and agreed to try to Redragon while I asked questions from the technical crew.

The first question on my mind was the learning curve.  It turns out, that Dana is a quick learner and after about 10 minutes she was very comfortable with the Redragon. 

First a little background on the Redragon K585.  It is both slim and tactile … it has a great feel and is light and easy to balance.  It features 7 programmable macro keys that are easily configured on the fly during a game.  As one would expect from any keyboard associated with gaming, the Redragon is backlit with 5 RBG modes offering 16.8 Million Col;ors.  Dana suggested I mention this as she said it is all about the ambience of gaming and “cool” looks when she games with her group, something she continued to do through COVID shutdowns.

The space bar did not feel right, Dana said.  I tried it but did not notice myself.  The tactile feel is very crisp and the included software is simple and the response time fantastic.  Jeff, who was also in the booth, showed us how to re-map keys to match the way he played.  I listened to the reasoning but it never really made sense to me.  Dana agreed and preferred the default out of the box mapping.

The USB cable (USB-C) is 5 ft long which gives plenty of slack in a normal configuration.  The build quality is top notch as we have noted in our past Redragon reviews.  Redragon gets five stars here.  The USB pass-through port is a nice extra.

All and all Dana and I would give the Redragon K585 a thumbs up.  The price point at under $50 is below most of its competition.

By, Scott Kraft – Tech Producer (TechTalk Host)