Custom Mold Ski Boot Liners

With Ski Season around the corner it is time to look into the custom molding of new or existing ski boots. Many think custom molding is just a gimmick. It is not. First of all, any moldable boot can be molded through use. Ski on it for a day or so and it will warm up enough and mold. However, if you have access to a heat molding machine it is the best option as your first run of the season will be a good fit.

You can do this all on your own from your home. Get 3 to 4 pounds of uncooked rice, a short 2×4″, microwave, two old sock and long thin tube socks.

Fill long thin tube socks fully with rice and microwave until very hot (7 minutes if your oven is under 1000 watts, 5 minutes if over 1000 watts (if over 1200 watts you might want to cut that back to 3.5 minutes).

Remove your foot bed from the liner and insert the rice sock into the liner. Then place the extra sock on the top to keep the warmth in. After 10 or 15 minutes remove your foot and put the liner back in.

Put your feet back in and boot toes on the 2×4 so you can lean forward and get the toe compression needed. Do this for 10 or so minutes. Then remove your foot and let cool. Do the 2nd boot if so desired.

Works fantastic, however if you can use a professional setup like the Ultracam go for it. Most ski shops will allow you use the machine to mold your boots hoping that you will shop while you wait and purchase something.

by, Millinda Johnson, Field Reporter (Intern 2nd year)