Chair Webbing Repair

On my continuing series covering short term rentals I have been asked for a quick solution on the sagging chair or barstool. The fix is surprisingly simple and cheap. But it can take up to 15 minutes per chair.

First you need to order 1″ wide nylon strap webbing. Don’t get Jute or you will be doing this again in a few years. Amazon carries this and expect to spend about $21 for 150 feet. You will need 20 or so feet per chair.

Carefully cut the nylon strap with kitchen shears to be 8 inches longer than the chair seat width. You will need three or four going in each direction. Make sure to interweave them. Depending on your chair you will have an insert boarder to adhere to or you can simply fold the ends 2″ twice and staple into the side chair bottom support.

It is really that simple.

by, Sarah Barlow, Field Reporter II