This is an update to our prior review of the Coravin Model 1.

One of the main differences between these two models is the speed that they pour wine. Although it was never an issue to most users of the original Model 1, Coravin Model 2 provides a 20% faster pour rate. This is due to the thinner walls of the Coravin needle

Why would you buy a Coravin:

  • Enjoy Wine On Your Own Terms- the Coravin wine system gives wine enthusiasts the freedom to pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork.
  • Pour Without Opening- when you pour wine without removing the cork, you have the freedom to drink what you love – not just the wines you have open.
  • Premium Wine Opener – specially designed with Teflon coated wine needle made to be gentle on your wine cork and pour wine both quickly and smoothly.
  • Superior Wine Storage and Preservation – filled with ultra-pure argon gas (99. 99%), Coravin capsules are designed with patented technology to ensure that no argon escapes, and that nothing will spoil the taste of your wine, even after many years.

For years wine enthusiast have dreaded opening an expensive bottle knowing that it’s time may not be ready only to have to consume the entire bottle as wine has a very limited shelf life once opened.  With the Coravin system, a small 1 to few ounce sample can be taken using a needle / argon extraction technique through the cork allowing for a quick taste and re-shelving if the enthusiast determines the wine is not yet ready for his taste.

The Coravin system costs around 60 cents to pour each glass for argon gas capsule usage.  Needles should last a long time if property taken care of.  AT 60 cents to test a bottle, it is a must have solution to save the future value of a wine that is not yet ready.

by, Richard Berk Executive Producer to TechTalk

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