World of Concrete 2021

It is that time of the year again, and the World of Concrete show is coming up in two weeks. Note: WOC 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19.  With our audience’s growing appetite for construction related topics we will have a full crew at WOC 2021.  Many of the subjects covered in 2020 at CONEXPO will be explored further at WOC.

Remember CONEXPO is once every three years. It was the LAST show that Utah Channel 3 covered before the COVID-19 shutdown and this year WOC 2021 is our first show since the shutdown.  World of Concrete is normally every year and concentrates on the specifics of Concrete.

We will not have the Skype live video feed, however we will have live photo posts to the Channel 3 website as well as Zoom active during the regular Tech Talk segment.  The news desk will also be taking live call requests and each reporter will take e-mail requests similar to how we did it last year at CONEXPO.  It is going to be fun, and we are sorry we missed it last year.

Note: There will be NO affiliate coverage this year, so you will ONLY see what the team sees. However, we are working closely with the new Brian Head Local Channel 8 to share feeds.

by, Scott Kraft, Tech Producer (Tech Talk Host)