IDVisor Smart v2 ID Scanner

IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner by Tokenworks.  This updates our prior earlier model review.  Key feature upgrades also include a drop in cradle charger and 12 hour battery life.

With COVID-19 club and bar closures winding down, I thought I would do an update on the IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner by Tokenworks.  We had planned on updating our 2017 review last year but all trade shows were cancelled and the interest from our viewers were focused more on when things will open than the security necessary of opening and not having regulatory problems.

ID Scanning is nothing new and is something that most all night club and bars employ.  All quickly can read a drivers license and immediately give a go no-go as to minimum age requirement. One added advantage is the ability to track customers and send out VIP teasers.  The flip side of screening the troublemaker is also something that all venues should employ.  Note the VIP/Banned upgrade is $25.00 and does not come standard on the v2.

With an integrated HR camera, point and shoot style barcode scanner, and physical keyboard, the IDVisor V2 is simple, compact, reliable yet offers features of units costing 2 to 3 times the price.  We would also highly suggest the optional charging base as it avoids wire mess and is the best way to assure that you single or multiple units remain charged and ready to deploy.

See TechTalk on February 22, 2021 for a 5 minute unboxing and setup of the Smart V2 ID Scanner by Tokenworks.

by, Scott Kraft, Tech Producer (Tech Talk Host)

Contributing Reporter(s) – April Fischer