Three Teachers Sharing A Classroom Did Everything Right. Now, One Is Dead And Two Have COVID-19

Three teachers shared a summer classroom at a school in the small town of Winkelman, Arizona, in June.
Nothing unusual about that. But according to CNN, all three contracted the novel coronavirus COVID-19. One of them died from the disease.
Kimberley Chavez Lopez Byrd was 61. She died June 26, less than two weeks after she tested positive.
The other two teachers — Jena Martinez and Angela Skillings — said they’re still struggling with the effects of the virus.
All three teachers wore masks and gloves, used hand sanitizer, and socially distanced. Nevertheless, school officials say they still got sick.
Martinez says she still has a cough and lingering fatigue, and takes breathing treatments to relieve tightness in her chest.
Skillings says she thought she was getting better, but recently her cough returned full force. She tested a week ago and it came back positive again.
Skillings says that when it comes to reopening schools, children’s emotional state must be taken into consideration.
What are we going to do to them emotionally if they take that virus home and give it to a family member or daycare worker or someone they are close to, and that person passes away? Angela Skillings, Teacher