Ask a Local Expert: With colder temperatures on the way, how do I keep the water flowing in my home?

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Southern Utah is known for its mild winters, making it a great destination all year long; however, there are still days when the temperature dips below freezing.

“There are several preventative measures that can be taken to keep your water flowing during the cold weather,” says Tyson Mortenson, a plumber at Larsen Plumbing in St. George.

Learn more about keeping the water flowing in your home during cold weather from the experts at Larsen Plumbing in the video in the media player above.

Mortenson recommends removing all water hoses from the exterior of your home when not in use to prevent the hose bib from freezing and breaking off inside the wall. For homes with outdoor sinks or pool areas with outdoor showers, it is good idea to shut off the water to those fixtures and drain all remaining water from their lines.

“Locate your back flow, which in many homes is located near the main line in the landscaping under a fake rock,” he said.

In the event of severe and deeper cold, he suggests locating any plumbing fixtures inside the exterior walls of the home – like tubs, bathroom sinks and kitchens sinks – and open the cabinet doors allow the heat to maintain their warmth.

“In extreme situations, remove the contents from under the sinks and add a heat source to thaw any frozen lines,” he said.

Water line breakage can result in costly repairs. If anyone is having difficulty locating their plumbing lines, he suggests calling a reliable Southern Utah plumber for assistance.

For more information about water leaks or any other plumbing-related issues you may have, check out the Larsen Plumbing website or call 435-688-2947.

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