Nexar App Turns Your Phone Into a Smart Dash Cam

If you’ve seen someone using a dashcam, chances are it was in an Uber or Taxi. The tiny cameras have been around for years, but here in the United States it’s mostly professional drivers who use them.

But that is all about to change, according to Eran Shir, founder and CEO of Nexar. His company has created a free app for Android and iOS that turns your phone into a smart dashcam.

Nexar automatically records your drives and stores the video on your phone, but if it senses an incident it will automatically use your cellular connection to instantly upload the video for sakekeeping to the cloud, where you can securely access it later.

“We can reconstruct and provide you with a report that tells you exactly who hit whom at what force… we can even estimate what are the chances you got hit and got whiplash,” explained Shir.

The Nexar app also goes a step further – it uses artificial intelligence to analyze the driving situation around you. For instance, the app keeps track of drivers via their license plates and if it notices that there is a potentially reckless driver nearby, it will alert you to stay away from that vehicle.

I drove around with the Nexar app several times and found it a bit confusing to use, but I love the idea behind it. I purchased a $30 mount from Best Buy to keep my iPhone secured to my windshield while driving. I noticed in the video I captured that it was extremely shaky – not sure if that was the road I was on, the mount I got, the camera in my iPhone or a combination of all three. Also, it was a hot day when I used the app and my iPhone went into a temperature overheating mode.

Still, I see what Nexar is trying to accomplish and it is likely the future of driving. More information at our disposal, and many, many more hours of dashcam videos for insurance companies and investigators to pour through after an incident.


Shawn Johnson – Utah Channel 3