Linksys LRT214 Business Gigabit VPN Router Review

Last year we did several review on VPN routers. We omitted what is perhaps the most cost effective and reliable solution out there. The Linksys LRT214 (single WAN) and its sister LRT 224 (dual WAN) are both solid entry-level VPN Gigabit routers suitable for home and business.

This is a very sturdy router, heavy and well made. It is not cheap plastic like so many. There are LEDs for power, port connectivity local and WAN. These routers also feature a DMZ port which, as demonstrated on TechTalk “s/w tools and equipment for short term rentals”, is critical when sharing your network with the public.

The best feature of this router is that it is available for immediate use after plugging in and powering up assuming you have DHCP available on your WAN. There is a Setup wizard that is very simple … a critical component for a non-skilled user. The User Interface (UI) is significantly improved over the traditional Linksys consumer grade routers

These routers support up to 45 standard VPN tunnels. For those of you that wish to create a dedicated tunnel, i.e. VPN router to VPN router using the Linksys LRT 214 and/or LRT 224, tune into Techtalk this Monday and watch us configure this from unboxing in less than five minutes.

Sarah Barlow – Report II & April Fischer – Executive Assistant : TechTalk