iClever HS20 Gaming Headphones in Review

We got our hands on the new iClever HS20 gaming headphones this week and we are ready to share our thoughts.  

The first thing you will notice about these headphones is that they are very large! We first thought the size was completely unnecessary, but after some use, it has become one of our favorite features.  Other smaller headphones that depress your ears typically start to hurt after prolonged use. However, due to their large size, the HS20’s ear pads actually go completely around your ears which allows you to wear the headphones all day long.  In fact, we found these to be some of the most comfortable headphones we have ever tried.   

As far as specs go, these iClever headphones connect via USB rather than the standard 3.5mm audio jack. This is especially handy if you are connecting them to a USB desktop dock because you can leave them plugged in 24/7.  They also come with optional mixing software to fine tune levels and add effects if you need some additional sound customization.  The HS20’s additionally sport a Folding Noise-canceling boom MIC, 50mm magnetic bass speakers, adjustable padded headband and a nice LED light that illuminates the iClever logo.  

Sound quality was a bit of a mixed bag.  We found that the large bass speakers tended to drown out the mids and highs producing an overall muddy bassy sound.  With some tracks, we experienced the bass noticeably vibrating our ears, which we found to be distracting.  With that said, at the $39 price point, we still believe that the sound quality is competitive to other headphones in this price range.

Stylistically, we think the iClever headphones are on point.  The are large, in-charge and make a statement.  They come with a nice stylish stand which makes the headphones the centerpiece of your desk when not in use.  

If you are in the market for a budget pair of gaming headphones, the iClever HS20’s don’t disappoint and with a $39.00 price point you can’t go wrong.  

Chanc Jensen – Utah Channel 3