Snoo – 4 month update

Whelp, that was a doozy. That four-month sleep regression (starting at month 3, ending at month 5!) rocked us like a hurricane! However, there is no doubt we would have fared much worse without our Snoo. While baby girl stopped her glorious 5 and 8 hour stretches, the Snoo helped us achieve 2 to 3 hour stretches, which as any parent knows is heaven-sent during this phase! Here are a couple things we noticed between months 3 to 5 about our Snoo:


  • Our Snoo continued to be so reliable! The motion, sound, and phone app were on point. This was a huge relief during nights when the sleep regression hit the hardest.

  • Our Snoo helped us help our baby girl learn how to fall back asleep on her own- one of the critical missions of the infamous 4 month sleep regression. Rather than picking baby girl up upon every rustle, we allowed the Snoo to run its course, offering the four levels of motion and four levels of white noise, to encourage baby girl to fall back asleep on her own. By allowing the Snoo to assist us, it continued to help my husband and I learn our daughter’s cues and whether she was rustling herself back to sleep or needed a feeding or diaper change.

  • Baby girl struggled initially with gas and some colic. The Snoo (especially the higher rocking levels) seemed to help her alleviate gas, making it easier for her to fall back asleep after she woke up.

  • Even though our baby girl is on the longer side, the bigger sized swaddles provided by Snoo fit her perfectly, and allowed her legs to lay in a natural position (a point emphasized by the American Academy of Pediatrics).

  • Diaper changes continue to be easy with the Snoo Swaddle’s two-way zipper! The ease of diaper changes helped baby girl and her parents to fall asleep much quicker after night-time feedings.

  • Turns out white noise helps the whole family sleep! Not only did our baby girl enjoy the white noise, but we soon noticed mom, dad, and our puppy were sleeping much more soundly with the aid of the white noise as the Snoo remained right by our bed.



  • Baby girl continues to have blowouts and with Snoo swaddles costing roughly $27.00 a piece, it is a big consideration and chunk from the budget to purchase more.

  • Zipper jammies and Snoo swaddles do not mix so well. Zipping jammies all the way down for a diaper change proved impossible without letting baby girl all of the way out of her swaddle which oftentimes woke her up more than necessary during nighttime feedings.

  • While the white noise is helpful for everyone in the room, we worried that it was a bit too loud, especially since the speaker is right under where baby’s head goes. We researched this on the Snoo website and while they assure that the noise is not anything louder than what babies experience in the womb, we were still uncomfortable with the noise level. A quick fix we found, however, was simply to put a piece of tape over the speaker to help reduce the sound level slightly.


Kayleigh Jensen – Utah Channel 3