There are no lost causes; find your individual path toward recovery at Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Life can be hard for anyone, but for those fighting with addictions and struggling to get clean, the days can feel impossible.

Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital, Oct. 2, 2019, St. George, Utah | Photo by Andrew Pinckney, St. George News

For the past five years, Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital has been the first point of hope for people wanting to recover from addiction in Southern Utah — keeping them safe as they wean themselves off many addictive substances, from alcohol to benzodiazepines.

“It can be rough,” Director Dina Beach said. “They come here so that we can help. We do a medical detox. We get them off whatever substance they were using without medical issues, as safely and comfortably as we can, and then facilitate aftercare.”

Beach, who has been with the hospital almost since it opened, told St. George News she doesn’t believe in lost causes. She reminds patients every day that they aren’t bad people trying to be good.

“They are sick people, and we are trying to get them well, and that’s really the only goal,” she said. “When you reach out for help, you don’t want to be treated badly.”

Beach added that at Shadow Mountain, they don’t ever treat clients like a number. The staff gets to know each client personally – their history, their goals and what dreams they have. 

It’s a “judgment-free zone,” she said. They handle a broad spectrum of behaviors and medical detoxification from all substances. Being the only licensed medical detox facility in Utah south of Provo, “there are no other nurses that know how to do it better.”

At least one nurse is on duty 24/7 at the 10-bed facility, with help from a certified nursing assistant.

Registered nurse LeeAnn Farnsworth said this type of care is a specialty:

Working at Shadow Mountain Detox is enjoyable. I work with people who really care and have come from a variety of backgrounds and medical areas including behavioral health, emergency medicine, home health, medical-surgical, nephrology, psychiatry, wound care and many others. Detox medicine requires a certain level of compassion and understanding, and I believe the staff here at Shadow Mountain Detox demonstrates that and more. At times we are able to connect with our patients on a personal yet professional level that sets us apart from other areas in the nursing field. We are the most knowledgeable detox professionals in Southern Utah.

Executive Operations Consultant, Michael Keenan said they have “a really awesome team” that genuinely wants to get to know patients and create a program that’s just for them, instead of attempting a one-size-fits-all method of recovery.

Recovery time is based on a patient’s willingness, desire and insight, he said. On average, clients stay five to 10 days but can extend it longer if needed. Before they walk out of the doors, a comprehensive plan for aftercare is discussed – in essence, showing them the light at the end of the tunnel with attainable goals.

Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital, Oct. 2, 2019, St. George, Utah | Photo by Andrew Pinckney, St. George News

“Since we understand that medical detox is just the beginning of the recovery process, getting the patient committed to an aftercare plan that might include residential treatment, day treatment, outpatient or even getting them connected with a therapist, then we consider that a success,” Keenan said. “Connection is the key to long-term recovery and that is what we are ultimately here to accomplish.”

The first step is to make a choice, reach out and chat with their admissions team live online. Beach said they can also call her anytime, and she will happily walk them through the process, give a tour of the hospital and alleviate any fears they may have.

“We’re finding a new solution — a shift in perception.”

She said if patients can focus on the solution, relate to other people and learn the tools, Shadow Mountain Medical Detox can help them be successful.

“We’re here to help them find that, and if they don’t this time, they will. I believe it.”

Call for more information at 435-222-0778 or 1-800-203-8249.

Written by ANDREW PINCKNEY, St. George News.

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