Breathalyzer BACtrack Mobile Pro

This is an update on our on-air November 2018 BACtrack review.

The heart of the BACtrack application is the hardware sensor called the Extend Fuel Cell Sensor. Using an internal pump this cell is highly accurate in taking the proper sample size. This compared to other models previously reviewed.

The updated Smart Phone app now support a technology coined by BACtrack called ZeroLine which estimates when your BAC will return to 0.00%.

We here at Utah Channel 3 adhere to the zero tolerance for driving rule. Thus zero percent, not just under the legal limit, is required to get behind the wheel.

As always, the BACtrack Companion App is FREE for both IOS and Android and is updated as needed to keep up with the latest software algorithms developed at BACtrack.


April Fischer (Field Reporter) and Sarah Barlow (Field Reporter II).