Man accused of starting Brian Head wildfire wants to block photos, video from trial

PROVO, Utah — Defense attorneys for the man accused of sparking the massive Brian Head wildfire in 2017 have asked a judge to block prosecutors from using photos or video of the fire and its aftermath.

According to a report from Fox13Now, in a motion filed by his attorneys ahead of his upcoming trial, Robert Ray Lyman’s defense argues that it would turn a jury against him.

“Lyman asserts that any visual representation of the fire does not show anything that cannot be established by other readily available evidence. Moreover, introduction of the visual representations of the fire would be more prejudicial than probative. Accordingly, the Court should exclude all visual representations of the fire and the result of the fire,” his attorney, Andrew Deiss, wrote in a motion filed in 4th District Court.

It was among a series of motions filed in court ahead of Lyman’s trial. They also seek a special jury instruction to use the term “recklessness” at trial and to limit what prosecutors can say to the jury.

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Written by BEN WINSLOW,

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