Ask a Local Expert: How can you determine if a pool is right for your home?

FEATURE — Even though school has officially started, Southern Utah is still firmly in the heat of summer, and many people are starting to consider whether to put in a pool and how this would affect their home value.

Jessica Elgin, realtor for Red Rock Real Estate, says the question isn’t as cut and dried as you would think. There are a couple factors to consider before you sink money into this renovation. 

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The size of your yard, neighborhood demographics and the appearance and value of your home are all going to be determining factors in whether adding a pool will increase or decrease the value of your home. 

Even if the location is good, there are other factors to consider.

  • What style of pool will you be installing? 
  • What type of lining will you be using? 
  • What types of slides and structures do you want to use? 
  • What size and shape of pool will work best in the space you have chosen? 
  • Will you be using salt or chlorine?  

Maintenance is another costly consideration, Elgin says. Determine if you would like to maintain the pool yourself or if you would like to have someone maintain it for you. Check out the prices prior to building.

“Almost always, the cost of putting in a pool is going to convert into the cost of enjoyment,” Elgin said. “If your house is a good candidate for a pool and you choose the correct size and style, you will only get about a 50% return on the cost of your pool.”

If you are comfortable with how a pool fits with your property and lifestyle – and you are aware of the associated costs, go for it! The summers are hot, and a pool can be a great place for your family and friends to congregate. 

If you would like a list of pool builders and maintenance companies along with a full article on pool safety for young children, please visit the Red Rock Real Estate Facebook page, or call the office at 435-414-1724. They would love to help you determine if putting a pool in your yard is right for your neighborhood and family. For more information on Red Rock Real Estate, visit their website.

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