Letter to the Editor: Recent Hurricane city government behavior is not an isolated incident

OPINION — I feel for Hurricane residents. My wife and I could take no more and moved a little north two years ago.

Prior to that, we attended many Hurricane City Council/Planning Commission meetings, offering thoughtful and respectful feedback on a variety of subjects. We were treated with great disrespect by the mayor and little better from the City Council/Planning Commission. It was clear that input from residents was something the mayor and the Council/Commission were uncomfortably obliged to endure until the appearance of “listening” was achieved.

As is true at the federal level, money and the powerful influence it provides drives decision making. This has been again made clear with the idea of allowing the “development” of land in Hurricane to produce an “authentic Western town.”

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It is an absurd notion on its face. Hurricane itself is an authentic Western town; it’s just that increasingly, no one visiting can see that. State Street has been allowed by successive city planners to be “developed,” giving it little more character than a paper cup influenced by imagination that rises no higher than the close-cut turf of a golf green.

As one drives east on state Route 9 coming into town at the top of the hill where the new hotel is, it could have been really something to see. It could have taken one’s breath away. Lack of vision, refusal to learn from California, seduction by power and money has instead had its way.

We will always love Hurricane and have wonderful memories of living there. I am saddened to see its position as gateway to Zion appropriated by those whose only god is wealth.

Submitted by TIM PFEIFFER, New Harmony, Utah.

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