Food tax bill is dead in Utah Legislature

UPDATE: Hours after discussing it, House Republicans told FOX 13 the bill was being abandoned for the year in the Utah State Legislature.

“We’ve decided to suspend our efforts,” Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, said Monday of the food tax during a 6 p.m. news conference with reporters.


SALT LAKE CITY — You could pay more for food under a tax hike being pushed in the final days of the Utah State Legislature.

The bill — which has yet to be made public — is being drafted and will have one chance for public comment in a joint House and Senate committee hearing, less than 72 hours before the end of 2017 legislative session.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, said the proposal is to raise the food tax to 4.4% as part of an overall restructuring of taxes.

“It’s going to lower the rate and broaden the base by the restoring the food into the base,” he said.

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Written by BEN WINSLOW,

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