Cognitoys/Elemental Path

The Cognitoys Dinosaur was seen at ShowStoppers at CES, 2016, and is being reviewed due to its educational applications. There’s nothing primitive about CogniToys, the Wi-Fi-enabled, educational smart toy Dinosaurs that learn and grow with the abilities and age of children. Loaded with fun personalities and tons of information, CogniToys are exemplifying investigating in the digital age.

The curious and conversational Dinos are powered by IBM Watson and Elemental Path’s Friendgine technology, allowing them to deliver the kind of personalized play experience every child desires.  The focus of development was design of toys that the designers would have desired as children.   It’s simply a toy Dinosaur that can answer questions, crack jokes and entertain. The team created a prototype and submitted it to the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge and… they won! As winners, they received complete support from IBM and access to Watson to make the prototype a reality. After the contest, they built their own technology designed to give toys a personality to complement Watson’s tremendous educational capability.  

CogniToys works by providing a great deal of content through interactive dialogue. Cloud-connected and Wi-Fi-enabled, CogniToys are updated automatically as new content becomes available.The CogniToys App is used to connect the Dino to Wi-Fi. Once connected, the Dino no longer requires the use of a smartphone for playtime. This innovative toy is recommended for kids ages 5 to 9, and answers questions, tell stories, play games, cracks jokes and even leads guided meditations to engage children in educational play.  Here is the link to preview the latest updates on the Cognitoys Dinosaur.  Where was this toy when we were growing up?

By, Allison Yager, M.E.T. EdTech Reporter

Contributing Reporters – Joe Schneider, International Technology Reporter