Exciting technology from SEMA 2016 – Radar Based Blind Spot Detection System

The VoxxElectronics Corporation’s Blind Spot Detection system is new and I hope a trend to be in the aftermarket Advanced Driver Assistance Systems category.  The VoxxElectronics Blind Spot Detection System (ACABSD) uses a microwave (radar) active RF transmission with an effective range of 30 feet to alert the drive to obstacles that may present a hazard.

The sensors supplement the vehicles interior and exterior mirrors and notify the driver with both visual and audio alerts when objects are detected in the blind spot area.

All sensors can be adjusted to alert based upon speed thus turning the alerts on when needed to reduce false alarms.

The ACABSD has a MSRP of $799.00 and is available now.

Scott Kraft, Tech Producer (TechTalk Host) & Richard Berk (Guest Host)