ToughTested by Mizco Product Review


logo TTOne of the best product lines that I found at CES this year has got to be Tough Tested by Mizco. Having owned some of earbuds from another Mizco brand in the past that were some of the most durable I have ever owned. I was very intrigued by the Tough Tested line. These products are designed to stand up to the use and abuse of not just everyday life, but the stress and demands of continuous use in extreme conditions. Think of all of the weak points that you deal with on products such as charging cables and headphones. They have engineered these products to eliminate as many of these problems as possible.  They have stronger thicker chords, which are longer and more durable than most others on the market even those touted as “Heavy Duty”. They have reinforced the ends to make them resistant to breakage that is typical with most, especially inexpensive Lightning connectors.  I tested three products in the Tough Tested Lineup.

First was tPhoto 1he Power Share Pro USB wall charger. This is a 3 port 4.2 amp smart wall charger that has the ability to sense your devices needs and distribute power accordingly. The wall prongs fold out in two positions giving you the ability to charge in multiple configurations. It has built in surge protection and has an LED indicator light when it is powered. The packaging indicates that this product can withstand temperatures from -30F to 140F and while we didn’t get to test this product in those extremes I have no reason to doubt those claims as the product is extremely well built and feels very well made. The only thing I did not like about this product was the LED indicator was a very bright blue light. If you plan on using this in a bedroom I recommend placing a small strip of tape over that light.

The next product I tried was a pair of Tough Tested marine grade earbuds. These are built for anything and they feature an IP67 waterproofing rating and a Noise Reduction Rating from the EPA of 26 decibels. They have a clip on inline mic with basic controls and an equalizer setting that optimizes the sound for phone calls or music. It includes several different sized foam or tree style ear tips and shark fin style retainers. It took a couple tries for me to get the fit right but once I did these stayed put and sounded great. I used them on a recent snowmobiling trip and found that they did not get uncomfortable after extended use and did a great job of reducing the amount of engine noise while allowing me to enjoy some music.
The final product I tested was the 6ft Tough Tested Durable USB cable. This in my eyes is the highlight of the products tested. It is a heavy duty orange and black breaded tangle free cable. It has reinforced ends with gold plated tips and is a very heavy gauge for a USB cable. The cable itself is about twice the thickness of the one that came with my phone, giving it a very solid look and feel. I used this cable with a battery to power a GPS while snowmobiling. It worked well and held up when it the casing was frozen solid. However the best part of this product is the 5 year warranty. Something you will not see on any other cable that we have tried.

Overall these products have performed at a very high level in our tests. You can find them at

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By, Dallen Olcott – Reporter (Sport & Recreation) & Scott Kraft – Technology Producer (TechTalk)

Contributing Reporters – Jill Lustig & Richard Berk