Boomstick: Bringing high quality sound to the earbuds you already have

The Boomstick is a portable audio processor that connects in-line with your 3.5 mm headphones or earbuds. It enhances bass, brings a higher level of clarity, and creates more volume to your music. You can charge the Boomstick with any micro-usb cable and it will provide 14 hours of continuous enhanced listening in a single charge. Its biggest claim is that it makes a cheap pair of earbuds or headphones sound like a much more expensive pair. I must admit, when I first heard this claim I was very skeptical — but then I gave them a try.

I first tested the Boomstick with a $15 pair of Skullcandy earbuds. When Boomstick is turned on, the first thing you will notice is that volume is boosted. The next most noticeable change is the fullness of sound that adds more dimension to the audio. This is due to what Boomstick is calling “soundfield expansion”. Bass is also noticeably boosted, providing a richer sound. Simply put, things just sound better.

My next test with the Boomstick was using a $150 pair of HD low distortion triple-driver earbuds. image_170 Again the most noticeable change is in the increase of volume. Dimension is added and bass is boosted. Like with the cheaper earbuds, things just sound better; but then I played a quieter track with periods of silence. During the silence a very noticeable white-noise is present. Toggling the Boomstick off, removed the white-noise. Oddly, this white-noise is not noticeable on the cheaper pair of earbuds.

After all my testing, my final impression of the Boomstick is that it is an impressive audio enhancer that creates an overall more realistic, fuller sound. If you are an audiophile looking to boost the performance of your higher-end earbuds or headphones, the Boomstick is probably not the right choice for you. However, for lower-end earbuds it is a great solution and at a price point of $99, you will not be disappointed when you hear the life Boomstick adds to those cheapo earbuds we all have laying around.

The Boomstick is available for pre-order today and will be shipping in Spring 2016.