Ditto® at CES 2016

If you frequently find that you miss messages or calls because your phone is in vibrate mode or silent, the Ditto might be Ditto Quarterfor you!  Ditto is a small, discreet, waterproof, Bluetooth wearable notification device that notifies users of calls, texts, social media updates, emai ls, calendar alerts, alarms, timers, and more. You can use the Android and IOS app to set customized vibrations for selected application notifications.   Wearing the Ditto on your wrist or even in your bra makes for a great way to discretely and respectfully receive notifications in the quietest or loudest situations.

Ditto currently integrates with Uber, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and WeChat. The coming software release will include compatibility with apps like Twitter, Hinge, Post Mates, Fan Duel, Lyft, and many more.  

Ditto is available now at a price point of $39.95 and comes in three different colors—black, white, or clear.