People Tech with Pet Potential

While there have been many technology entries into the expanding arena of pet technology there is a growing movement to adapt “people technology” for use on pets.

Something as simple as the Fitbit has huge applications in the canine world.  As Channel 3 expands its yearly series “Technology for Travel” I plan on introducing “people technology” that will benefit those that travel with their pets.

Please join me as I make a guest appearance on “Senior Scope” this coming Tuesday (December 1, 2015) where I will show a 2 week log of a Fitbit (collar mounted) on my Alaskan Husky during both travel as well as “home alone” days.  You will be shocked at what the data shows.

CES Update: Joe will be keeping his eyes open for “people tech” that has “pet potential” as he walks the floor of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.  Send him your ideas!

Joe Schneider
Technology Reporter