2015 CES Event Coverage

It is that time again and we are asking our viewers to e-mail or phone product coverage ideas for CES 2015.

Personnel assigned to CES Event Coverage this year:

*Scott A. Kraft – Tech Producer            *Aaron Drabeck – Engineer II

*Richard Berk – Associate Producer *Justin Goodman – Editor / Photographer

 *Sharon Sternberg – Editorial – On Camera

*Ronald Kraft – Chief Production Engineer

Dallen Olcott – Reporter / Editor


Mertle Hayword – Travel

Thula Brown – Post Production      Joanna Burton – Post Production

Michael Talbert – Uplink / Pre-Production            James Thorne – Scripting

Carmen Casey – Teleprompter / Scroll Editor           Carol Casey – Logistics

Joe Cano – Network Liaison

Barbara Carey – Marketing

Staff marked by “*” will be attending show, other staff will be station based support except TBD who will be in Las Vegas at hotel.

by, Scott Kraft

Associate Producer, TechTalk


By, Scott Kraft