Pizza Expo Update – 2013 Trade Show Coverage

Your Utah Channel 3 staff will be covering both the annual Pizza Expo and the annual Nightclub and Bar Show this week.  Tonight’s TechTalk will focus on our re-cap of the Toy Fest West show last week and tech review requests for this weeks Las Vegas convention coverage.

Please have your tech requests well formatted when you call in as we are going to limit “spot light” requests to 15 on-air seconds.  With a recovering economy and some great new technology to cover, we have high hopes for this years coverage.

Here is a highlight from the Pizza Expo website:  “Can you imagine a place larger than the size of five football fields with nothing but pizza-related goods, equipment and services? A place where you can shop and sample and network with your peers from around the world?  International Pizza Expo® — the Show of Shows for the Pizza Industry — is THE place to do business, to learn, to network and to deal. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses get started, and we’ve helped thousands more pizzerias stay in business and grow.”

Consistent with tradition, all reporters will be monitoring the Twitter feeds as well as the Skype call in lines, so our viewers can “re-direct” the coverage if they get wind of something news worthy on another media outlet.

Note: Barbara Carey from Magnoodle was unable to meet with the BHTV crew at Toy Fest last week.  A big disappointment to all our viewers that were hoping for an inside scoop from this high profile inventor.  The good news, is that Barbara has granted the TechTalk crew an exclusive interview where she promises to drop a “bomb shell” on our viewers.  As the TechTalk back office staff tries to coordinate this interview, keep your questions for Barbara coming in.

by, Scott Kraft – Technology Producer – Tech Talk

Contributing Reporter – Jill Lustig

Associate Producer – Richard Berk