NG Connect Program

Ngconnect is a program that brings together an alliance of companies considered to be both the pioneering and global leaders of the next generation of ideas. Once these inventive companies are brought together the Ngconnect Program then combines their technology and expertise to overcome potential hurdles and form ground-breaking service concepts that these companies can share.

One example of the Ngconnect program was Avatrainer which was created by bringing together the next-generation cloud-based service concepts from Alcatel-Lucent. The Avatrainer service uses Zephyr, [TC] 2, Kinect, and Ecast to create real time communication to the consumer and its avatar. This live, real time, avatar allows for the consumer to do various exercises and routines that are all recorded and stored along with the individuals vitals.

The Avatrainer can also be used anywhere the consumer has access to their cloud. Like the Avatrainer there are various products and services being developed by Ngconnect that are already available to market. The Avatrainer specifically is being considered for such markets as hotels, health care facilities, gyms, and other fitness arenas and made available to be pre-scanned by the consumer with something as simple as a room key or mobile device.

By, James Thorne, Reporter II / Editor

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