CES Live – Coverage Continues

For those of you that tuned in last night to watch our team coverage live I want to remind you that we will be doing it again Saturday night from TAO.  A big thank you to Skype for carrying the video feed and Lenovo for providing the backdrop at AquaKnox (Venetian). CES 2011 live coverage last night with your hosts Aaron and Justin was both funny and informative.  Tech talk Monday night with Scott Kraft will have a surprise guest as well as a best of recap.

Net Shelter was awesome and we will have some photos and interviews to show you on the Mon/Wed Tech Talk segment.  AEE coverage teasers will be broadcast throughout the day (Saturday)

Jaclyn, our college intern, will be taking calls all day Saturday on her cell as she broadcasts live from the South hall.  Jaclyn also hopes to do a 10 minute special with Verizon to update her Smart Phone segment.  Don’t forget the afternoon coverage of Woot’s 1,000 screaming monkey-a-thon by Richard.  Richard will also be airing his “Beat the Best” picks on the hour all day with a re-cap at 6:00 p.m. ( Mountain).

For those of you tuning in and wondering why their favorite skiing/boarding segments are being interrupted by Live CES coverage, don’t worry.  We will still be airing everything after the Chair 2 Chronicle Hour each night at Midnight.  Set your DVR, get some sleep and wake up to the Chronicle Hour.

A special thanks to all the viewers who called in during Digital Experience and Show Stoppers.  The products were awesome again this year, and our hosts were more than gracious to allow our staff to preview and review in a one on one environment.  We will recap a few choice moments from Show Stoppers at Tech Talk on Monday with the help of a surprise guest.

The entire CES coverage team will also being doing a 30 minute live segment tonight from the bus and will each be showcasing their pick of the day like we did last year.  John and Anne will be doing SeniorScope teasers all day so e-mail them your questions.

It is 7:30 a.m. here in Las Vegas as the coverage team wraps up the morning edition filler now called “re-cap with Wrong Way”.  If you wonder when we sleep, the simple answer is we don’t until Sunday.

A big thank you to our gracious hosts, Lenovo, Intel and Microsoft as we get ready to start CES day 3 coverage at 10:00 a.m. (Mountain).  Set your DVR’s and enjoy a great day on the slopes, as the weather is looking good throughout Utah.

by Scott Kraft and the CES coverage team