Live Design Institute, Las Vegas NV


22-24 OCTOBER 2010

We entered the exhibit hall and were immediately blinded and awed by the amazing light shows being played against the ceiling, the walls and, in some instances, off each other.  This was not a program for the amateur or the Senior wishing to upgrade his home.  Of course, if the individual had an over 20 million dollar home with a home theater there were quite a few useful products on display.

Many of the vendors displayed a broad variety of lighting equipment.  Technology, green products, and computer use dominated the ways that the lights could be used.  One of the most fascinating booths explained how shows such as the “Phantom of the Opera” were put on with special emphasis on the design of the chandelier.  This piece of equipment, with all of the computers and safety designs built in, made seeing the show much more enjoyable.  There was a huge display of microfibers in many colors for the covering of walls, chairs, etc.  On display was a self-adhesive vinyl floor covering also in a broad array of colors.

There were two booths that had displays of different types of tape:  one was called “Rescue Tape” that could be used as a first aid tool as well as almost any type of emergency in the home or car.  The tape resists all types of oil, abrasives, can be used in boats, household plumbing, etc.  The second tape was an adhesive tape in many sizes and shapes.

The other product is a line of streamers that could be used in the Super Bowl or for a birthday party.  The display was lots of fun to watch as this company did the banners for the game the Texas Rangers won in their ballpark.  There were other companies with similar products and one model would be great for an outdoor birthday party!

How do theater curtains work?  While not useful information for the homeowner the explanation and demonstration made seeing this in a theater more interesting.  The folks displaying here also made Cirque de Soleil possible with their technology wizardry.

This was an educational show for us; fun and entertaining!  The staff that put this show on did an awesome job and deserves a ton of credit.

Scott Kraft (Tech Producer) (“on air version” of this report)

John Lustig, Senior Reporter

Anne Leona, Senior Reporter