Kiosk Self Service Expo / Digital Signage Show

COVERAGE UPDATE (April 7, 2010)

If you watched TechTalk on Monday, then you heard John announce that media registration for the Kiosk and Digital Signage Show is all full and Ch3 did not make the cut.  But have no fear.  When you watch BHTV you are watching digital signage in action.  Although we can stream video, the station got its start using the “Magic Box” with 15 second scrolls.  As chief engineer of the station, I will be attending the Digital Signage show to look for the latest and greatest equipment for deployment right here on Channel 3.  I realize that Kiosks and Self Service Stations is where the interest is but I promised John I’d try to grab some info so he can continue his “Senior Perspective” on emerging technology.

The following quote from John says it all:

“Even as a “senior” I recognize that retail is changing and the Kiosk with its great diversity and small footprint will become as prominent tomorrow as the corner mail box was in “my day”. I believe that “senior” resistance to Kiosks is more educational and less cultural.  Therefore media coverage is an important element in the difficult road of integrating seniors with new technology.”

COVERAGE CANCELED: OK all you TechTalk groupies!  YOU ASKED FOR IT.  We are going to do limited coverage of the Kioskcom Self Service Expo.  We hope to show you what is new and what the future holds in the “high tech” self service arena and digital signage.  Call into TechTalk on Mondays (next two shows) and tell us the coolest Kiosk you have found during your travel both domestic and international as well as the best digital signs.

FYI:  Mr. Berk will still be doing his annual “What YOU Can’t Buy for a Quarter” segment over the 4th of July WE COVER IT weekend.



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